Hello, I am Mr3DAlien, but most people just call me Alien. I am the creator of this resourcepack and managed to publish it in the "Minecraft Marketplace" in cooperation with "Pathway Studios". Since 2018 I am partner of "Stickypiston", who also host this website and all Minecraft server related projects. 2017 was the year in which I published my first map "Advanced Sky" on "Minecraft Realms" and later that year I published my second one "Cave Game", which made me proud carrier of the "Mapmakers Cape". I also produce german lets play videos on my youtube channel and also sometimes make livestreams on twitch. I love creating datapacks for Minecraft, which try to simulate a modded feeling. Reason for that is my strong connection with the modded aspect of the game. That's the reason I am also creating modpacks and one of them is called "TheZeroProject". If you guys are interested in more of my projects please check out "mr3dalien.net" -LG Alien

Hey, I'm Alex and I am the guy who made this website and who is also currently maintaining it! I created my first Minecraft world somewhere in 2013 and I became a PvP tryhard. Souping was my main focus at the time and after a lot of practice I became one of the best hehe. Since then I've been playing Minecraft pretty regularely. Although I have to admit that the time I spend in the blocky worlds is becoming less and less day by day. Thankfully I have fallen in love with the art of programming in school, somewhere in 2016. I have been programming on and off and I still love it. Still, I am more interested in the backend side of things. Frontend stuff like html, css, javascript and web design as a whole is not my main strength. This website was my first somewhat bigger-ish project that has something to do with webdesign and I actually learned a lot. Overall it was and still is a fun experience and I hope all of you guys out there enjoy the website and obviously also the resource pack.